Watch Dogs – a fantastic game to play

I play Watch Dogs ever since it has appeared. I did not intend to make a review about this game, but I read on the net too much nonsense about Watch Dogs, too many reviews that philosophizes on graphics and the fact that Ubisoft has presented in trailers a more advanced graphics than in the game. People talk about the differences between the console and PC versions, all forgetting to address the main topic: do you have fun playing this game or not? - check game differences

I have a lot of fun playing this game! The city is huge. It is pretty similar with GTA, you can move cars and motorcycles, you can take the suspended train for a walk and even a boat. Sometimes you see thieves around you and you can chase them and break them down. The game has all sorts of details that you will surprise you and make you love this game.

Beyond your normal campaign missions, there are many other opportunities to gain experience and money. While walking on the streets you can hack others phones, intercepting their conversations (which sometimes opens up new missions, if you hear them planning a crime) or stealing their money from the account. 

From time to time you will have various missions where you will have to help someone to escape the police or to destroy a convoy of the Mafia. There will be moments when you simply access the game camera from someone’s laptop and look what he is doing in his house, a sort of invasion of privacy which has no other role than to make the game look more cool, but it brings experience.

The gameplay is a combination of GTA (a great city to explore on foot or by car, modern weapons and so on) and Assassin’s Creed, the success series from Ubisoft, from where they have borrowed ways to escape police, ideas to climb on some towers to unlock new areas of the city, the hiding by obstacles and many other interesting things.

The only disappointing point of the game is the car control which is too arcade. I would have preferred something more like in the Need For Speed or GTA series. But overall as you can see the game is a fantastic one, a complex game, a game that is a must play.